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AQUATRON joint filling compound

The joint filling compound is designed for protecting and filling seams (up to and including 6 mm) between wall and floor ceramic, marble, and glazed tiles in dry and moist rooms.

The product complies with GOST 31357. The joint filling compound is manufactured based on a cement binder, with modifying additives.

Preparation of the substrate

Immediately after laying the tiles it is necessary to begin preparation of the seams, cleaning them of the adhesive solution. Filling of seams with a compound can be started after the adhesive solution has cured. Seams between ceramic tiles should first be rinsed with water.

Solution preparation

Pour the contents of the package into a container with clean water at the rate of 0.11 to 0.13 l per 1 kg of dry Aquatronjoint filler and mix thoroughly until the mixture is homogeneous. Mixing can be done by mechanical means (a professional mixer or an electric drill with attachment) or manually. Let the prepared mix stand 3 to 5 minutes, then mix again. After this the joint filler is ready for application.


Before applying the Aquatronjoint filling compound it is necessary to moisten the side surfaces of each tile, so as to reduce its absorptive ability. When moistening it one should not spray too much water. The filler should be applied with a special scraper or a rubber spatula, distributing the filler in an even layer across each tile. In doing so the rubber spatula should be held at an angle of 30° relative to the tile and the filler applied diagonally. Make 2 or 3 passes across the surfaces of the tile, pressing the filler in the seams. After applying the filling compound, clean off excess filler in the same manner as applying it – diagonally, using a wet trowel or a wet hard sponge with large pores. After cleaning off excess filler, the applied compound must be allowed to dry out before proceeding to the moist cleaning of tiles.

Storage conditions

Store in firmly closed containers

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