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Concrete Waterproofing materials

OOO Aquatron-BKhK produces the Aquatron penetrating waterproofing materials for concrete, designed to prevent the destructive processes that arise as a result of the long-term effects of moisture. The catalog also offers a wide assortment of waterproofing additives.

The penetrating components are added to the concrete at the stage of building steel-reinforced, brick, or concrete constructions. As a result of adding these substances, the finished product acquires resistance to the aggressive effects of moisture.  Alternative methods for protecting a construction against water do not provide a long-lasting effect and thus can be used only as a temporary protective expedient.

Aquatron’s materials for waterproofing concrete have a unique property—they can solve the problem forever. The product was developed by a domestic enterprise and has undergone testing at major sites in Russia and the CIS.  The components have been successfully used for waterproofing operations to protect water catchment basins, collectors, and underwater tunnels.

Advantages of penetrating materials for waterproofing concrete

  • Even under high hydrostatic pressure, the concrete surface is reliably protected against penetration of water, alkaline and acid solutions, petroleum products, and saline solutions.
  • Resistance of a structure is increased with occasional freezing and thawing.
  • The concrete surface becomes wear-resistant and stronger.
  • When using additives in the concrete for waterproofing, permeability to air is fully preserved; constructions «breathe».
  • The products are free of toxic or hazardous substances; therefore, they are suitable for application in home and food-processing water supply systems.
  • Aquatron is used successfully in the construction of new sites and in refurbishing existing installations.

Range of application of waterproofing additives in concrete

The components will be able to render old constructions waterproof and will protect new constructions against the negative effects of moisture in—

  • subway tunnels;
  • water conduit facilities and dams;
  • basements, water supply towers, and pumping stations;
  • swimming pools, fountains, and sports arenas;
  • roadways;
  • smokestacks;
  • petroleum storage tanks; and others.

Aquatron‑6 penetrating concrete waterproofing

As it moves inside the structure of a concrete construction, the component undergoes a chemical reactionwith its elements on the molecular level.  A distinctive feature of the chemical substances is that they penetrate deeply through capillaries under the influence of osmotic pressure.  After the reaction goes to completion, needle-shaped crystals appear which fill settlement cracks and capillaries and displace water.  It is important that when using penetrating concrete waterproofing materials the process will proceed regardless of the direction of water pressure.  Testing confirmed that the compound penetrates concrete construction to a depth greater than 150 mm.

Aquatron‑8 water sealant

This component is used for routine elimination of leaks in stone and concrete structures.  A feature of the compound is a short setting time.  Ifnecessary,thesettingtimecanbeadjusted.  By using concrete waterproofing of this type, leakage of water or other liquids at the surfaces of any structures can be blocked.

Aquatron‑12 compound

This concentrated substance is added into solutions and mixtures to improve the properties of concrete and steel-reinforced concrete structures. The quantity of additive in the concrete for waterproofing is 0.35 to 0.5% of the total volume of the cement; it can be used when building new sites. In addition to its direct purpose—to prevent penetration of moisture—the compound increases such indicators as resistance to freezing and strength.

Where is it worthwhile to order waterproofing additives in concrete?

Turn to specialists from Aquatron OOO Aquatron-BKhK for support in order to get a detailed consultation about how to obtain it. Make your choice in favor of inexpensive domestic materials!