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Aquatron-BKhK – About us

OOO Aquatron-BKhK company was founded on the basis of one of the largest military and industrial complexes of Russia, the developer of waterproofing compound – OAO Poliex.

OAO Poliex began its production activity in 1959 as one of the leading defense complex enterprises in the USSR. During the period of perestroika and post-Soviet period due to large-scale conversion activities and privatization program, making use of its experience built up during its operation, OAO Poliex became one of the giants in the chemical industry of Russia. The company mastered the production of waterproofing compound of Aquatron series.

Nowadays, this development designed for the needs of the defense industry (waterproofing of repositories for disposal of chemical weapons, waterproofing of mines and other special-purposed underground structures) is being promoted to the Russian market for mass consumption.

High production technologies, experienced staff and strict quality control preserved from the time when the company worked for the defense industry ensure production of high-quality products equal to foreign equivalents.