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Waterproofing a foundation

Specialists from OOO Aquatron-BKhK have worked to waterproof the basement of a number of installations and structures.  We are ready to take care of the whole set of tasks for the best price in the region.

Waterproofing protection of structural elements is an important process when constructing new facilities or repairing existing ones. By following the procedures correctly, a builder will avoid problems in the future and will increase the useful lifetime of the facility.

Before starting operations to waterproof a basement, the material must be correctly chosen.  There are several types of waterproofing solutions—pasted, coated, and penetrating.  The pasted and coated varieties are used to create an external protective layer on the surface of the foundation.  An inadequacy of these types is insufficient adhesion to the concrete; they can become damaged at any stage of construction and during use.

We use penetrating compounds when waterproofing a foundation.  They are noted for their universality—they are applied inside and outside structures.  In addition, they produce the effect of penetrating into the structure of the concrete or steel-reinforced concrete, forming a solid single protective system.  Strength and resistance to freezing and wear in the structures are increased.

Advantages of waterproofing a foundation using the Aquatron materials

  • When applying materials with penetrating action, installations acquire a number of additional properties that significantly enhance useful longevity.
  • The waterproofing compounds are simple to use and do not require flame to apply them.
  • The result is guaranteed—complete absence of leaks and reliable protection against the appearance of moisture inside structures.
  • The cost of the basement waterproofing operations is recouped many times over through the service lifetime.

The following compounds are used during operations:

  • Aquatron‑6 — a universal compound used for protecting structures inside and out and also as an additive to concrete solutions in the construction of foundations or separate structures.
  • Aquatron‑8 — a fast-acting mixture, intended for eliminating leaks.
  • Aquatron‑12 — a concentrated substance, used as an additive to concrete solutions for new installations and for reconstructions.

How is the cost for waterproofing a basement figured?

After carefully studying the conditions of usage, the area of the surface to be treated is determined, along with the costs for labor and materials.  The total cost will be different in each case.  Another factor in figuring the cost is the method of applying the compounds—manually or by machine.

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