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Waterproofing sewage treatment facilities: effective methods

OOO Aquatron-BKhK uses safe methods of operation in protecting facilities.  The latest technologies and modern materials reduce treatment times and assure long-lasting use of the facilities.

Wewaterproof sewage treatment facilities using safe compounds.  The materials are certified and comply with all sanitary requirements.  Compounds are used for external and internal protection of concrete, steel-reinforced concrete, and brick surfaces.  Current technologies are used to perform repair operations and in building new facilities.

Factors that damage facilities:

  • weather conditions;
  • atmospheric precipitation;
  • seasonal moisture accumulating in soils;
  • a high groundwater level;
  • abrasive wear and dynamic effects;
  • gas corrosion.

Waterproofing sewage treatment facilities using the latest materials

Company specialists face the task of eliminating the effects of negative factors quickly and with quality.  The successful resolution of problems is achieved by using high-quality materials, some types of which form a deep lock-out layer.  Therefore, after waterproofing sewage treatment facilities, the facilities may be used in conditions of constant aggressive factors.

The need to do expensive earth-moving work and labor-intensive operations is brought to a minimum.  The client receives services efficiently, inmeaningful time frames.  To find out more about waterproofing sewage treatment facilities, give us a phone call.