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Waterproofing walls

Гидроизоляция стенSpecialists from the OOO Aquatron-BKhK сompany have rich experience in using various waterproofing materials made in Russia.  We can give clients suggestions about the best product to choose for quality waterproofing of walls.

The strength and durability of any structure, whether a residential or administrative building, are associated with the degree of protection provided to its bearing structures against the effects of moisture.  Therefore waterproofing the walls is one of the most important steps in constructing a comfortable and reliable building.  To get the best result from applying waterproofing materials, the procedures for performing that operation must be strictly followed.

To protect the bearing elements of walls, penetrating waterproofing is applied.  The penetrating treatment method entails using dry mixtures based on Portland cement, sand, and various chemical additives.  This procedure is also justified when treating monolithic and steel-reinforced structures.  The advantage is that it is not necessary to smooth the surface of the foundation; rather, the junctions and abutments can be treated with seam solutions.

Waterproofing of walls inside installations is done whenever the construction is located below ground level—basements, tunnels, etc.  The procedure for applying the materials inside or outside walls is largely similar.  Sometimes it is necessary to add a supplemental layer of waterproofing in locations that are used in conditions of increased moisture (bathrooms, car washes, lavatories, shower rooms, etc.).