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Waterproofing reservoirs

Waterproofing reservoirsOOO Aquatron-BKhK performs the full set of operations for waterproofing reservoirs so that they acquire greater strength characteristics and reliable protection against leaks.

When constructing swimming pools, fountains, artificial bodies of water, and various industrial facilities, the need arises to protect constructions that are in constant contact with water. The materials for waterproofing reservoirs are chosen depending on the design particulars of a facility and its purpose.

List of operations for eliminating leaks in an existing structure:

  • prepare the surface, removing any dirt;
  • create groovesat joints, cracks, seams, and plumbing connections;
  • moisten the surface;
  • fill seams and joints with the firm compound Aquatron‑6 or the compound Aquatron‑8;
  • Then apply the waterproofing material Aquatron‑6 to the surface to be treated.

How to apply the materials in new construction:

The Aquatron‑6 series of materials can also be applied as an additive to cement.  For preparing cement, we also suggest the concentrated additive Aquatron‑12, the consumption of which as an additive to cement is an order of magnitude less than with the waterproofing mixture Aquatron‑6.

After performing the operations, specialists from our company will instruct users on questions of maintenance.  Detailed information is also contained in the instructions posted on the website.

Properties of the compounds

The materials of the Aquatron series are intended for treating any constructions and buildings, including those for storage of potable water.  The materials for waterproofing reservoirs are environmentally safe and do not contain toxic or harmful components.

Company specialists are thoroughly familiar with the procedures for making repairs.  We guarantee reliable completion of the operations, using the optimal materials for dealing with specific problems.