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Waterproofing a building

Гидроизоляция дома

OOO Aquatron-BKhK makes available a whole series of effective materials for waterproofing a building.  The basic purpose of these compounds is to protect a structure from the negative effects of moisture and groundwater.  By using special impregnations and components, they increase the water resistance of walls and floors, thereby increasing the structure’s useful life.

Moisture, whether groundwater or atmospheric precipitation, always acts negatively on structures.  Poor waterproofing of a building leads to damage to and loss of reliability of its weight-bearing elements — the foundation, walls, and partitions. As a result, the accident-free lifetime of the structure is significantly reduced.

When planning the waterproofing of a structure, understand that water can penetrate into a location through several routes:

  • subsoil water, which has a negative effect on a building’s foundation;
  • atmospheric precipitation. If a building is not waterproofed, the roof and walls quickly become damp;
  • condensation inside the structure, which has a damaging effect on the internal elements of the structure.

Methods for waterproofing a building

Actions to protect structural elements of buildings against the effects of moisture can be divided into two basic categories:

  1. Leading surface and subsoil water away from the structure.
  2. Protection of the structure against the effects of capillary moisture and atmospheric precipitation.

What kinds of operations are included in waterproofing a building?

These measures are taken step by step, starting with protecting the foundation from groundwater and subsoil water and ending with waterproofing the roof.  The weight-bearing and ground-floor structures are treated with special water-repellent compounds right at the start of construction, when it is worth the effort to protect the foundation of a building against the aggressive effects of subsoil water.

The advantages of Aquatron’s series of materials for waterproofing a building are:

  • this brand of materials has been applied right from the start for narrowly specialized purposes, in particular to protect structures from the effects of moisture in enterprises of the chemical industry.  Since the beginning of the ’90’s the Aquatron series of materials has come to be actively used also in civilian construction as an effective material for waterproofing buildings;
  • the products are not imported waterproofing mixtures;
  • the useful lifetime of treated surfaces is extended, making them stronger and more resistant to freezing;
  • the compound significantly reduces mechanical, chemical, and vapor erosion of the surface, thereby increasing the resistance of the entire structure.