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Waterproofing a roof

Гидроизоляция кровли

The roof is the part of a structure that is most exposed to the effects of precipitation and other environmental factors.  For just this reason, regardless of what kind of materials are used in constructing the roof, additional waterproofing must be undertaken.  Only then are protection against moisture and preservation of the insulating material reliably provided, as well as high usage properties and a long service life for the entire building.  The cost of waterproofing a roof is substantially less than the potential expenses for eliminating leaks and repairing the infrastructure.

The basic reasons for damage to a roof are:

  • effects of atmospheric precipitation—snow, rain, hail, etc.;
  • temperature drops, which lead to the formation of condensation on the underside of the roof and on the rafter system;
  • seasonal factors—freezing and thawing of the roof, which can lead to structural damage.

The process of waterproofing a roof

In order to reliably protect a roof from moisture, one must carefully observe the procedure for the waterproofing operations.  Let us examine the basic stages that are necessary for creating a quality covering based on Aquatron’s series of modern materials:

1. Preparation of the surface.  This stage is very important for correct waterproofing of a roof.  In order to assure good adhesion of the mixture, the surface must be cleaned of dirt and remains of old coatings and adhesives.

2.  Deepening locations of joints, seams, and cracks in a V‑shaped profile.

3.  Waterproofing the roof with the Aquatron‑6 and Aquatron‑8 materials in accordance with procedural documentation.

Waterproofing the foundation of a roof

Penetrating compounds are also used for protecting roof foundations against moisture.  Forthis, Aquatron‑6 is added to a basic adhesive solution.  The required result can be achieved by using the compound at the level of 3 to 5% in the cement-sand mixture.  Theadhesiveisappliedinasinglelayer.

This percentage content of the Aquatron‑6 mixture may also be increased when waterproofing a roof.  The cost of such treatment rises, but at the same time, the protective properties of the adhesive are significantly enhanced.