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Waterproofing a swimming pool

Гидроизоляция бассейнаIn order for a swimming pool to last many years and not require constant repair, it is essential to make sure that its structure is waterproofed in a timely manner.  Waterproofing plays a crucial role in sealing the construction and assuring its long life.  This is because water places serious loads on the swimming pool structure and is an aggressive factor both for its frame and for all materials used in its construction.

The OOO Aquatron-BKhK сompany offers innovative penetrating materials that reliably protect the reservoir against leakage.  Our waterproofing mixtures contain Portland cement, sand, and special modified additives that significantly improve the properties of the concrete foundation.

Гидроизоляция бассейна с помощью материала «Акватрон»The advantages of the Aquatron series of compounds for waterproofing a swimming pool are:

  • a high level of impermeability to water, providing full sealing of the bowl;
  • ability to increase the strength qualities of the surfaces;
  • good adhesion with the foundation material;
  • good resistance to freezing and degree of penetration of the mixture;
  • protection of the pool structure against corrosion and aggressive chemical substances;
  • convenient and simple application;
  • prevention of the spread of microorganisms and mold;
  • environmental and sanitary soundness.

Waterproofing a swimming pool

A large number of technologies exist for insulating artificial bodies of water.  They differ from each other basically in the particulars of how the various materials are applied.  Treating with Aquatron penetrating compounds is one of the most progressive methods for water insulation of a swimming pool.

They consist of special substances that penetrate deeply into the pores of concrete with the subsequent formation of insoluble crystals, which block the passage of liquid.  Thus, when used, the waterproofing mixtures have a relay character:  as soon as a new contact with water molecules occurs, the chemical reaction is renewed and the process of making the structure of the material more dense proceeds into the interior of the structure.  The main advantage of this method of waterproofing swimming pools is the ability to impregnate the surface to be waterproofed from within.  In addition, the penetrating compounds provide stronger concrete and increase its resistance to freezing and to the appearance of microorganisms and mold.

The procedure for applying the Aquatron penetrating compounds when waterproofing existing swimming pools consists of applying the compound from within the bowl of the pooland includes the following steps:

  1. Remove the tiled layer (if present);
  2. Clean the surface of dirt, old paint, grout, etc.;
  3. Treat the location of any leaks and block them with the Aquatron‑8 compound;
  4. Stitch the seams in the location where walls and floor join and treat them with the Aquatron‑6 compound (if the joint is dry) or the Aquatron‑8 compound (if the joint is moist).  If there are no largerough areas in the walls, they can be immediately primed with the Aquatron‑6 compound and water, mixed in equal parts.  Otherwise the surface must be treated with a smoothing compound;
  5. After 3 to 5 days a supplemental waterproofing treatment of the pool may be applied, after first cleaning the wall of concrete milk;
  6. Finishing work may be done 7 to 8 days after waterproofing the pool.

The procedure for applying the Aquatron penetrating compounds in the construction of new swimming pools includes the following steps:

  1. Choose a site and configure the basin; excavate the foundation pit;
  2. Build a sand cushion; install a form and reinforcing framework;
  3. Pour the concrete bowl.  Before pouring, add Aquatron‑6 to the concrete mixture in the ratio of 3% of the weight of the dry components of the mixture, or add the concentrated additive Aquatron‑12 in the ratio of 0.35 to 0.5% of the weight of the concrete;
  4. After 3 to 4 days, remove the form and perform supplemental waterproofing of the pool; that is, the interior portion of the wall is treated with the waterproofing mixture Aquatron‑6 in the ratio of 2.0 kilograms of material per square meter;
  5. Finishing work can be done 7 to 8 days after waterproofing.