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AQUATRON 6Sh Waterproofing Compound For Seams

AQUATRON 6Sh WaterproofingAquatron‑6Sh For Seams is a single - component compound that combines the elasticity characteristic of putties and properties of penetrating waterproofing and consists of aluminous expanding cement, a specially treated filler, and a set of activating chemical and polymer additives.

Aquatron‑6Sh For Seams is used for waterproofing of seams and cracks in structures made of concrete, stone, masonry, and other porous structural materials of mineral origin when there have been cyclic deformations, and also for sealing the joints between these materials with metallic, glass, and plastic surfaces, including situations involving increased vibrational loads.

Aquatron‑6Sh For Seams can be used with both fresh and old concrete. It increases the resistivity of construction seams to the actions of aggressive liquids (oils, gasoline, saline solutions, acids, and others).

Advantages of Aquatron ‑ 6Sh For Seams:

- resistance to cracking;
- adhesion to the substrate (firmly adheres to surfaces made of concrete, stone, or masonry, as well as to joints of such materials with heterogeneous materials);
- workability (the working solution of Aquatron‑6Sh is noted for its high plasticity and hence does not slide down when sealing seams on vertical surfaces or ceilings, can be prepared and applied using an auger mixer and does not require preliminary drying of the surface);
- safety (in contrast to putties, it does not contain organic solvents and does not require the use of a fire-hazardous stage of high-temperature heating before application);
- longlife;
- «heals»constructionseamsthrough penetrating capabilities;
- stopsseeping of water and break-down;
- strengthens the surface;
- increases resistance to water and freezing;
- increasesresistanceofconstruction seamstothe actions of aggressive liquids (saline solutions, acids), material durability.


It is packaged in 3-kg batches in bags made of polyethylene film.

Shelf life and storage conditions

The guaranteed storage period is 24 months from the date of manufacture. Protect from direct contact with water.