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AQUATRON 12AQUATRON-12 is an additive to concrete mixes to make them waterproof. It protects concrete and reinforced concrete structure against moisture. Its main benefit is that is improves the surface properties.

Principle of operation

The compound includes patented chemical additives. Once in the concrete mix, they react with moisture. As a result, a stable crystalline structure is formed in the concrete pockets. It adds tightness to the structure. The material is thus protected against moisture and liquids of any kind. The crystalline structure also prevents corrosion that can occur under the influence of environmental factors.

Scope of application

  • Manufacturing of new structures;
  • Repair or restoration of water tightness of pump stations, basements, mines, water storage tanks and water towers;
  • Arrangement of sewage collectors and waste water treatment plants, dams and water structure;
  • Construction of swimming pools, roads, bridges, overbridges, ice arenas and chimneys;
  • Manufacturing of a wide range of reinforced concrete products;
  • Production of commercial concrete for housing and industrial construction.

Method of application

It is introduced into the concrete mixture directly at the mixing stage. Its quantity in the mixture should comprise 0.35 to 0.5% of the total mass of the cement needed for construction or repair. Material consumption is as follows: from 1 to 1.5 kg of compound is required for each 1 m³ of concrete mixture.

Safety procedures

AQUATRON 12 is not toxic and is nonflammable and nonexplosive. It has health certificates. However, its composition includes fine abrasive particles and has weakly alkaline properties. It can cause the appearance of skin irritations. The following safety measures are recommended:

  • Using of rubber gloves;
  • Usingof protective goggles;
  • Immediaterinsingwithplentyofwaterincaseofcontactwithskinoreyes.


  • Easy to use;
  • Long-lasting result;
  • Improved waterproofing value up to W12 and frost resistance up to F200;
  • Additional protection against corrosive environment, including acids, alkalis, groundwater, and wastewater;
  • Non-toxic during application and subsequent operation.
  • Environmentally safe;
  • Certificates of Gosstroy of Russia and certificates of GUP NIIZhB and CGSEN.